A little update from my previous post! 

Ironically I have finally got myself a graduate job and I couldn’t be more excited. I believe good things will happen to those who wait so be patient and keep on trying ✨

My new job role will be a social media specialist so I’ll be doing what I love ❤️ I honestly can’t wait to let my creativity flow! 

A girl being a girl I used this as an excuse to get organised and buy new things…

Of course I treated myself to a new handbag 🙄as we all know that’s a necessity.

I grabbed this Kenneth Cole handbag in House of Fraser  ✨( click link to shop )

I also then bought some new stationery to help myself stay organised. 

Desk Planner; I use one of these at my current job and they are so helpful. It’s nice to constantly see what tasks are set for the day.

A notepad for ideas; As this role will involve me creating content I obviously needed a pretty pad to keep all my ideas 💡 in ✨

Clip Set; it was an impulse buy okay!…

Another notepad; just to take notes with

I also bought a heap of new office wear but I won’t bore you with those!! 

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