Happy Sunday ✨

So a little while back I did a blog post based on my current wish list which included a Fitbit watch.

I ventured out to purchase one and have never looked back since!

I decided to go for the FITBIT CHARGE 2! This appealed to me the most as it tracks steps, calories burned, floors climed, sleep, and your heart rate.

There was a few colours to choose from but I decided on the black, as let’s not kid ourselves that’s all I ever wear !!

At first I thought that the watch itself wouldn’t look very nice on the wrist but I actually do really like the design.

It’s just the right size ! You can also purchase other wristbands on amazon and the Fitbit website.

Since I have purchased the tracker I honestly can’t go a day without it ! I use it all week and it motivates me to move during the day more.

You can also set your own personal goals and targets. My goal is to work out 3 x a week, this can be tracked through the device. I use it whilst working out on the treadmill and with Results With Lucy.

I am very happy with the product and feel it’s worth the money to invest in! It has lifted my motivation but also made me aware of how little I move in my office job. I would highly recommend to anyone that wants to be more aware of their health, or for anyone that wants to lose weight.

I have lost half a stone since January and can honestly say it has been through trying to get more steps in daily!

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