•GOALS FOR 2017• 

So did 2016 fly by for anyone else like it has for me?!

2016 in whole was a good year for me. I graduated in Marketing, started working full time and my first newphew was born ✨👶🏼. But I feel like I didn’t take care of myself all year. Maybe it’s because there was so many exciting, yet stressful things happening around me. I felt a little lost after University but I may explain that in another post as I’m sure I’m not alone!! 

I forgot to do the things that I enjoyed most, simply due to not having the time. Or maybe that’s still me making up excuses? I went from being really active to being stuck in an office job working long hours with hardly any exercise. Things just changed and it’s taken a while to adjust but I’m okay now and willing to make 2017 a year where I focus on the following goals: 


I simply refuse to call this a diet any longer. Diets do not work for me! I only end up eating more as I feel like I can’t due to putting on so much pressure. Crazy yes?! But we all do it. I have never been overweight but I know I can be healthier and can tone up those podgy places. So goal number 1 is to lose a stone and a half. But to get there I want to become more active as well as try some great new healthy recipes. 

The thing that works for me the most is Results With Lucy, it’s an online exercise platform that you can do on the go. It’s run by TOWIES Lucy Meck and her personal trainer Cecilia. There is no need for the gym and feeling paranoid, you can do it all in the comfort of your own home. I have previously lost a stone with this website so plan on using this as the basis to my lifestyle change. 

I feel like this needs a whole blog post on its own! As honestly I haven’t found anything better. I am currently doing the ‘on demand plan’. 

I will also be following tips from Lucy’s book ‘be body beautiful‘ and some of the recipes. 

Other books that I have never touched -shock- that I will use this year are Deliciously Ella and Joe Wicks Lean in 15


I hope organising myself will keep me on track, or else there’s no hope!! 

I have purchased a weekly planner to stay motivated health wise but also to keep track of  any blog post ideas or events that are coming up. 

This can be bought from Sainsbury’s 🇬🇧 


So me and the other half have decided that we are going to save up for a mortgage rather than rent. Hopefully a year from now we will be in the position to do so! 

I already can imagine how I want each room to look like! Girls will be girls. 



I graduated in Marketing earlier on this year and would love to get into it as soon as I can. From the new year I will take some time to develop my CV and apply for some jobs not just with one click! As that’s my bad habit 🖋
I also have smaller goals that will just be for me to do in order to have some ‘me time’ and enjoy myself. 

I would love to BAKE MORE. I looooove cooking !! But I’m not the greatest baker. I was gifted Tanya Bakes for Christmas and some of the recipes look amazing so I will be making some of those over the year ✨

I hope you have all set your goals big or small! Do them at your own pace and slay 2017 👌🏻 ✨


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