Hey lovelies ! 

Hope everyone has had a great Christmas. It has now come to those awkward days between Christmas and the  New Year where most people like me don’t know what to do with themselves …

I thought I’d do a little post of my top tips to stay motivated once you have all set your goals for 2017 ✨

Tip Number •1: Write yourself a list of goals for the new year (big or small) .

I find this being a great starting point to becoming organised with not only your thoughts but also actions for the new year. You can also write the reasons as to why you want to complete your goal as a little reminder to look back on. Make It look pretty and spend some time on it. 

It is also an idea to break your goals up and set them into smaller targets so they become more achievable.

Tip Number •2: Buy yourself a notebook / yearly planner.

These are great for everyday and can be used for so many things! I like to use them for keeping my thoughts together, lists and food diaries.

Tip Number •3: Find time for yourself.

We often fall into the same routine week by week and forget that we are also important and that spending time alone can be beneficial. This can be done in many ways wheather it’s reading a book, baking, having a pamper night or excercising. Finding time for myself helps me to also reflect on my progress so far and could lead to feeling like I can treat myself to something I love if I am sticking to my goals. 

Tip Number •4: Make sure what you are doing is fun… if it isn’t then make it! 

I know most goals you will be dreading of completing as you have set yourself them for a reason! But there are ways to make them enjoyable and fun. For example I always set myself competitions with my friends of ‘let’s see how good we can be (food wise) until a certain time period’ I find this keeps my motivation high, as naturally you want to perform better (obviously in an unharmful way). 

The first couple of weeks are always hard but once it becomes a part of your routine you’ll be just fine ✨

Tip Number •5: Don’t be scared to ask for help. 

We all need support. It’s one thing that may keep us going in certain situations. Don’t be scared to reach out to your family and peers for any extra support or advice. You never know what they tell you might push you along that little further. 

Asking for support/ help is not a sign of weakness! 

I hope you all have an amazing 2017! Make it one to remember ❕

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