There is no other way of putting it… I AM OBSESSED WITH EYESHADOW! I just love how creative you can be with it and it only gets better with practice. 

Applying eyeshadow is definitely my favourite step in my make up routine, and I’m a all or nothing kind of girl when it comes to makes up. So I can’t let a good eyeshadow pallet slip away!

I love all brands but have never tried Morphe, which is stupid considering how amazing they looked for the price ! They retail at around £21/22 which is so cheap for the amount of colours you get, and of course the pigmentation. 

So once Beauty Bay restocked, I had to snap it up before Christmas for the festive season party looks ✨

I chose the Morphe Fall into Frost 35F 

It comes with 28 frosted shades and 7 matte which is great for the value. 

I love warm tones in pallets so this is just perfect! 

I can’t wait to try more! Let me know in the comments which one is your favourite ✨

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