Hey lovelies ! 

So I guess I should start my blog with a ‘ get to know me’. I always love reading these kind of posts as it’s nice to find out a little bit more about the person behind the blog ( or maybe because I’m a girl and girls are nosey!). I enjoy anonymity, but I also want my readers to understand who I am as a person. I hope you enjoy reading my responses as much as I had fun answering them. I’d love to get to know you all better so feel free to answer them too in the comments ✨ x

1. Name? Dominika

2. Age? I am 22 years young 😉

3. Where were you born? I was born in Poland but grew up in England from a young age. I am fluent in both languages but prefer/am better in English.

4. What was your favourite subject at school? Art and English. I love all things creative ! My mind is a constant chaos full of ideas. I also love  literature and reading.

5. Further education ? I just graduated from university with a degree in marketing.

6. Current relationship status? In a relationship , 4 happy years ❤️

7. 3 fears ? Spiders, deep water and I hate enclosed places such as saunas etc..

8. 3 things I love? My loved ones, my dog and foood … who doesn’t love food huh?

9. Your passion? I love make up! I could spend hours on it and also spend all my money… which isn’t a good thing. I also love the degree I studied (marketing) and I’m currently on a hunt for the perfect job.

10. Current occupation? I am a logistics contract controller for an international transport company. Although I enjoy what I do this is not where I want to be.

11. Favourite quote? Have courage and be kind.

12. What makes you happy ? Spending time with my boyfriend, rainy duvet days, and autumn. And can’t forget make up!!!!

13. Favourite book? The Great Gatsby

14. Favourite food? I loooooove Mexican food! And Chinese and Indian… Give it all to me! And who doesn’t love pasta …

15. Biggest pet hate? No manners and people that are only around when they need something.

16. Things that annoy me? When people watch the TV too loud, sticking on fake eyelashes and an untidy room which means an unitidy mind.

17. How many children do you want? I have always wanted one boy and one girl… but the more the merrier!

18. One thing you love about yourself? I always look for the best in every situation

19. One thing you hate about yourself ?  This list could go on !… but girls will be girls and always find something bad about themselves. For me it’s my unhealthy obsession with dieting and feeling sorry every time I eat something bad. But I also hate how my anxiety gets in the way of a lot of things.

20. Favourite TV show? Pretty little liars all the way! I was so obsessed with it I event thought I was A at one point …. basic bitch over here.

I’m also a massive fan on prison break and gossip girl.

21. Goals for the future ? Currently saving for a house with my other half, find my dream job, and hopefully progress with my blog.


10 thoughts on “•GET TO KNOW ME•

  1. Nice to meet you!! Welcome, I’m a new blogger too. Hopefully you can check out my blog and we can support each other. You’re blessed to be filled with so many ideas, I often have such a hard time coming up with anything 😦


    1. Hi Hun! Thanks for taking the time out to visit and of course :)! It’s just a matter of seeing what’s out there and if the post suits you then do the same ! I also want to talk about some different type of subjects on my blog! Hope you enjoy. I’m loving your Christmas count down x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I often say I have 2 left hands… I can’t do anything, I can’t follow directions much even videos, I just can’t. But, I must pull through..LOL! I’ll eventually find at least a hobby and be good at it lol! Thanks for the support, can’t wait to read your blogs ❤


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